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Nanjing Du-Hope International Group's Fair Trade Working Group Successfully Held a Training Course on Economic and Trade Friction Response and Legal Risk Prevention

Release time:2017-11-06 10:36:03 Visits:192 Issuer:NANJING DU-HOPE INTERNATIONAL GROUP
Nanjing Du-Hope International Group Fair Trade Working Group
Successfully held a training course on economic and trade friction response and legal risk prevention
In order to further enhance the ability to respond to trade frictions and the level of antitrust work, enhance the legal awareness of company employees, and correctly handle various legal disputes that occur in business work, the company held this year's training on economic and trade frictions response and legal risk prevention at 2:00 pm on June 16, 2017 in the meeting room on the second floor of the company. This training was conducted by Lawyer Yan Chunjiao, a full-time legal advisor of the company, for more than 20 middle-level and above cadres of the company and business representatives who were not on business trips.
Lawyer Yan Chunjiao first provided a detailed explanation of the current trade friction situation, especially the practical response to anti-dumping and countervailing investigations. Secondly, we also provided a comprehensive explanation of the legal issues involved in our company's business activities over the years, as well as related matters such as job related crimes that may be involved by business personnel in our business activities.
Through this training, participants realized that it is particularly important to enhance the ability of enterprises to resist and respond to international economic and trade risks while promoting the growth of enterprise exports. At the same time, everyone also expressed that the training content is rich, practical, vivid, and has strong guidance for expanding international trade work.
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