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Nanjing Du-Hope International Group's Fair Trade Working Group Conducted Training on International Trade Friction and Credit Insurance Knowledge

Release time:2017-11-06 10:34:09 Visits:186 Issuer:NANJING DU-HOPE INTERNATIONAL GROUP
Nanjing DU-HOPE INTERNATIONALFair Trade Working Group
Conduct training on how to cope with international trade frictions and credit insurance knowledge
In order to strengthen business risk prevention and improve the ability to resist risks in export business, according to the 2017 Fair Trade Work Plan of Nanjing Du-Hope International Group, the company invited teachers with certain theoretical and practical experience from Nanjing Sinosure Company to conduct a training lecture on credit insurance business knowledge and coping with foreign trade frictions for all business personnel and relevant business departments of our company at 2:00 pm on August 10, 2017.

All business personnel, comprehensive department management personnel, document department, risk control department, and fair trade related staff of the company participated in this training. By training attendees, we have strengthened their learning and understanding of credit insurance business knowledge and key operational points, effectively strengthened their awareness of business risk prevention, and improved their ability to resist risks in export business.

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