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Training on "Risk Control and Compliance of Import and Export Business"

Release time:2022-09-14 10:28:15 Visits:187 Issuer:NANJING DU-HOPE INTERNATIONAL GROUP

        On September 8, 2022, the training on "risk control and compliance of import and export business" jointly organized by Nanjing Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export and Nanjing Du-Hope International Group Trade bloc Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Du-Hope International Group. In this training, lawyer Bai Lu, a partner of the law firm of Jiangsu Xingao, the executive director of the Chamber of Commerce, an independent letter of guarantee and standby letter of credit expert of the International Chamber of Commerce, and a legal adviser of Jiangsu International Commercial Legal Service Center, was specially invited to give lectures on the risk control of export transaction process and international trade compliance. Xie Tao, general manager of Nanjing Du-Hope International Group Trade bloc Co., Ltd., Su Jinsong, Pan Zhe, deputy general manager, Yuan Dongsheng, The Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce, Cao Chenggui, and other leaders attended the on-site event, and nearly 300 people simultaneously watched the live broadcast online.

        General Manager Xie Tao delivered a speech at the event, thanking the law firms of New High for their strong support. He also hoped to continue to strengthen connections with member enterprises through the platform established by the Chamber of Commerce, cooperate fully, and develop together.

        Lawyer Bai Lu first took the common issues of export contracts and domestic procurement contracts based on sales orders as the starting point, analyzed and summarized some tips for internal control management of export business processes. Enterprises can effectively control the risks of export transaction processes by designing their own import and export business models, understanding the risk analysis and response of collection and letter of credit settlement, and familiarizing themselves with the costs, procedures, and effects of international arbitration. Next, Lawyer Bai also discussed international trade compliance under China's export tax rebate management and international trade compliance under China's foreign exchange management system, elaborating on the importance of trade compliance from a professional perspective.

This training not only helps enterprises understand the trade risks in the import and export business process, standardize the signing of import and export contracts, but also provides guidance and suggestions on common trade issues that enterprises are concerned about and how to reduce trade risks. The response from enterprises is enthusiastic. The Chamber of Commerce will continue to understand and pay attention to various risks that import and export enterprises may face in the future, helping enterprises to timely understand various trends, better predict and take risk prevention measures.

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